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Tasty Films from the Aussie Indie Film Industry!

David Black reviews the 2022 Warrandyte Film Feast

One of the highlights of the Melbourne indie film scene is the Warrandyte Film Feast.

Covid saw it postponed for a couple of years, but tonight, it was full steam ahead! And what a fantastic night it was!!! My film was the one I entered 2 years back and it was great to see "Hamlet for the Fireys" on the big screen.

David Black, Lily Quian, Glen Cook and Rosalie Ortiz (Ridler)

There are other film festivals in Melbourne, such as MIFF and the St Kilda Film Festival but I never

felt that they were about the "no budget/ do it yourself" filmmakers who are the true bricks and mortar of the local scene. The Film Feast doesn't charge the filmmakers entry fees, or tie their movies up with demands of exclusivity. We don't get crowded out by a horde of socialites having their pics snapped on the red carpet either. It's just the indie filmmakers, friends, family and genuine fans.

I got a lift in with Brett 66, whose film, "The Raven's Song" was quite surreal. Brett runs the Fitzroy Art Collective which also hosts the Studio 66 film night in conjunction with Dia Taylor. Dia had her film "Blue" on the big screen tonight too. Another filmmaker of note was Olivier Bonenfant who helps run the Filmonik film night here. His entry was "The Queen of Diamond Creek Hospital"

Every year the Film Feast is packed to the rafters and this one was no exception. The host for the night was the amazing actor, Peter Flaherty. Peter is a regular on indie sets in Melbourne and has even done a main scene in my upcoming film, "Toxic Alien Zombie Babes from Outer Space." His presentation style is uniquely Aussie with a hint of larrikin. He kept the crowd amused and informed along with his co-host, Jessica Matuszczak.

There were heaps of food stalls offering everything from pizza to noodles, beer to cocktails and wine. The crowd were entertained before the films by the country rock band, Marsden Williams & 245T. At the intermission, everyone was amazed when the guest singer came on and it turned out to be none other than Coolio of "Gangsters Paradise" fame.

With 22 films all up, there is no way of covering them all. One of the most quirky ones was "Sync or Swim" by Gary Hegedus, which demonstrates a soundies worst nightmare in the most humourous way. There were a couple that covered our modern society's addiction to technology such as "Social" by Charlotte McLaverty and "Untag" by Brendan Hennesssy". There were also dystopian commentaries on the future, like Lucas Dew's "Number 27".

The winners were as follows:

The People's Choice "Wazza" Award winner: Hamlet for the Fireys (d. David Black)

Judges Awards:

4th Prize: Phil and Alex (d. Phillip Lemon)

3rd Prize: How to Understand the Opposite Sex (d. Tom Vogel)

2nd Prize: Blood Rule (d. Harry Tamblyn)

First Prize Winner:

Best Film Warrandyte Film Feast 2022: Fallout (d. Lachlan Stephens)

All up, this was an amazing night. Many of the film makers have their work regularly seen on Ch 31's "Outta The Can", so it is great to see so many in real life amidst such a festive atmosphere.

Well done to Rosalie Ortiz (Ridler) and all those that helped organise for another successful year!

The Warrandyte Film Feast is presented by Striking Productions and the Warrandyte Festival.

It is part of the Warrandyte Festival.

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