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This Levy Aint Dry

David Black interviews Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an all rounder creative living in Lake Macqaurie, just south of Newcastle. He has worked with music, writing books and had now decided to focus most of his time on movies. He’s just finished his first short film too.

DB – Hi Tim, thanks for making the time to chat to me today. Can you give us a bit of a back ground to what led you up this point? What were your motivations and what sort of study did you do?

TL – I knew, from an early age, that I had a passion for entertainment. I started off with a series of four albums called Carkids, which went to CD and cassette, if you can remember that far back. Then I did a series of four children’s books with Random House, then another nine in the business strategy and purpose space. Along the way, I did a TV show on Foxtel / Channel 9 that ran for three years before I took a pause to start a business.

I built the digital strategy and marketing business over 25 years both here in Australia and in the US, before pivoting at the beginning of 2022 back to my true passion – entertainment. That’s where we are, now.

Oh – and as to study – I was always into the creative possibilities of technology. I did a degree in computer science before moving to Silicon Valley in the US to work on the leading edge, there.

DB – You’ve done quite a bit with recording in the past. Infact, you have 3 albums.

TL – I did five albums, in the end. Four were a series of children’s stories and games to keep kids entertained in the back seat of a car. They did really well and were eventually bought by ABC audio. I also did a musical album under the name of GrooveBoy and crikey, those photos are embarrassing. We shot a music video, too – also awful in hindsight but so much fun!

DB – You have also published a number of books. Tell us a bit about your publishing?

TL – I began with a series of children’s books with Random House, which came out of the albums and the stage show. From there, I moved into the non-fiction space, writing books that went along with the business and my speaking career. I took them all over the place, speaking across the US, Canada, the UK and of course, Australia.

DB – I take it that all your different creative outlets have led you now to film? What are your big plans here?

TL – You have it in one. Everything lead back to the place I began; comedy, drama, action and romance. The intention is to create meaningful movies – something that brings a moment of insight to your day. My big dreams are to make movies like ‘The 100 Foot Journey’ or ‘Chef’ or ‘Yes, Man’ or ‘Burnt’ or .. well, I could keep going.

DB – Many people in business put together 5 year plans. Where do you hope to be in 5 years Tim?

TL – I’d like to have a first feature out in the world in the next five years, or maybe three. I’m also keen to help other film makers find their missing pieces; typically raising the money for their films,

marketing to investors / sponsors and then, building an audience. It seems that the convergence between the digital strategy and marketing business I was running and film is an interesting space.

DB - Thanks for taking the time to chat to me Tim. Where can our readers follow your work?

TL – You can find our studio at and my books / personal stuff at And thank you – I appreciate your support, here.

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