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A Conversation with the multi-talented Countess Grotesque

Make-up artist, alternative and cosplay model - Countess Grotesque was to be featured in our Oz Femme Fatales of Horror Month earlier this year, however due to illness we had to postpone. I did not want to wait till next year to feature the Countess, such amazing talent and beauty needs to be celebrated now.

DW: What is your favourite horror movie?

CG: Scream is probably my ultimate fav along with the Final Destination series.

DW: If you had to survive the night against any horror villain who would it be and why?

CG: If I had to survive against any, it would likely be Freddy Kruger because I have insomnia 😂

DW: You are such a talented make up artist, what is your favourite style of make up?

CG: Thank you so much ❤ I don't have a favourite style to be honest. I just have a passion for doing all makeup looks as long as it's theatrical. I love working with colour, which is why I enjoy making colourful blood like green and blue. Creepy cute.

DW: Can you tell us what projects you are working on?

CG: Mostly focusing on content for my Patreon these days. I have a few cosplays in the works and think I'm over due for some more horror looks soon.

DW: What was the last movie you watched or series you binged?

CG: The last movie I watched was The Batman which was phenomenal.

I'm going to watch it again soon, I loved it so much.

DW: Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

CG: As someone living with chronic illness, I do look to the future but I am more focused on each day or even each hour as it comes. I'd like to think I may have some better treatments in 5 years so I may be feeling better than I am now.

I'd like to still be creating art.

My biggest hope is for the pandemic to calm down so I can travel, model in other countries and go out more.

DW: What advice would you give to upcoming makeup artists and models?

CG: My best advice is don't ever think you're not good enough. I was terrible at makeup when I first started. But practice at home helps. Practice even if you're not going anywhere.

Try out different techniques because everyone's faces are different. Learn what works for your face.

Take pics and watch yourself progress.

As for modelling, anyone can do it. It can be hard work, but it's a lot of fun and great for self esteem. Don't ever compare yourself or your makeup to others because it's not a competition. Everyone is beautiful and we all start somewhere.

DW: How did you get into make up artistry?

CG: I got into makeup art because I'm alternative. I just wanted to look fun while going to goth clubs and raves. Then it became a passion and then it became a career.

DW: Where can our readers find you?


I can be found on FB @countessOfficial

Instagram @countessgrotesque

Twitch @countessgrotesque

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