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Oz Femme Fatales of Ozploitation

I fell in love with horror at a very early age, I was around 4 and staying at my Nanas house and saw my first Hammer Horror Film. Christopher Lee appeared on the screen as Dracula, and I was enchanted forever. As I grew older my horror exploration began, I credit my father for allowing me to rent anything I wanted on good old VHS, if it was horror I was allowed to watch it, it didn't matter if it was R rated. I actually remember my Dad telling the Video shop owner that I was permitted to rent anything rated R from the horror section in case he wasn't with me.

Then there was my sheer excitement at the knowledge the film had been banned in QLD and don't get me started on the delight of the old Roadshow intro. My Dad encouraged my love of horror and I will always be thankful for that.

So welcome to the world of Ozploitation horror films - my childhood. What these films meant to me as a lover of horror is possibly beyond words. But I can sum it up simply as "We make horror films here?" Yes that was my excitement level of discovering we had this horror industry in the country where I lived and breathed. To me, that knowledge opened up a whole world of possibilities and sent my imagination into overdrive.. and don't even get me started on marsupial werewolves!

So as we head into the final days of Oz Femme Fatales of Horror Month, I wanted to look back on the women of a few of my favourite Ozploitation films, women I admired, women I aspired to be.

So let's take a journey back into some of my favourite femme fatales of Ozploitation.

Watch the trailers, reminisce, dive head first into nostalgia.

Judy Morris as Beth Winters in RazorBack (1984) Director : Russell Mulcahy

Briony Behets as Marcia in Long Weekend 1978 Director: Colin Eggleston

Chantal Contouri as Kate Davis Thirst 1979 Director: Rod Hardy

Cassandra Delaney as Jessica in Fair Game (1986) Director: Mario Andreacchio

Jenny Neumann as Helen Selleck in Nightmares aka Stage Fright (1980) Director: John D. Lamond

Jackie Kerin as Linda in Next of Kin (1982) Director: Tony Williams

Imogen Annesley as Jerboa in The Howling III (1987) Director: Philippe Mora

Olivia Hussey as Chris Walters in Turkey Shoot (1982) Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith

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