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Okay, that's a wrap!

As February draws to a close and with that the end of Oz Femme Fatales of Horror month, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the future of OFFOHM, reflect on women in horror in general and thank all of those that have been involved over the past month.

Firstly the thanks, both David and I have been fortunate enough to have interview these amazing women in horror over the past month (in no particular order) Gökçe Açıkgöz, Saara Lamberg, Melanie Kuhn, Caitlin Koller, Simay Argento, Barbara Amiss, Dia Taylor, Kirsty Feehan, Stephy Rox, Helene Dunlop, Kate Jirelle, Gemma Sheree, Sara Stephenson, Anastasia C Kouloukas, Vanessa Gudgeon, Grace Liu, and Emma Westwood. We wish you all continuing success with your careers.

Danny Zemp for the amazing logo, the guys at Terror Cards and of course David Black for all his dedicated and hard work on this project.

Women in horror need to be celebrated all year round and so do men. Horror is something that should be celebrated in general. However, having a particular month dedicated to women in horror is something that is popular and we will continue to follow and promote that tradition. We will be also launching Oz Femme Fatales of Horror Merchandise very soon. (Watch our Facebook group for news)

What is even more important than women in horror is Australian women in horror and of course Australian horror in general! We should all be supporting one another and encouraging one another to create great content, because having a viable and productive horror film industry in Australia benefits all Australian horror film makers.

Remember if you have a horror project that needs promotion, we are here for you. Message us via the Facebook page or send me an email we are more than happy to interview you and feature your film on The Australian Short Film Network Journal Website (We cover feature films too)

I have been in the horror industry now for 20 years in different capacities. I've been the editor of a print magazine, Vice President for an American Book Publisher, I've had stories published, won an award, traveled the world and I am now making movies. I'm not bragging, I'm battling just as much as ever other independent film maker out there. What I'm saying is that I understand, I've tried all the different hats on in the horror industry and I have encountered all different kinds of people. I've been ripped off financially from publishers, I've met some really hostile people in the industry. But I tell you what, for every negative experience in the horror industry, I have had more positive experiences, and met the most amazing people, and have gained the most fantastic and supportive friends a long the way.

And the biggest bit of advice I can give to anyone is just ask...

The worst thing that can happen is that the person will say no, but if you don't ask, you will never know..

So with that I bring Oz Femme Fatales of Horror Month to a close. Keep an eye out for bits and pieces coming in the following months. Yes, if you are a lady in horror we will still promote you, so drop us a message. Keep safe in this crazy world we are currently living in, be kind to one another.

If you have any projects non horror related or horror related remember to get in touch.

If you would like to contribute, interviews, or articles, please get in touch.

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