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A sneak peak behind the scenes of an amazing photo shoot!

David Black covers the Oz Femme Fatales of Horror Month, Melbourne photoshoot

A proof from the night, to give a sneak peak

It's 5:42 pm on Tuesday 22 Feb, 2022. Just over 24 hours since the start of this big adventure. I'm exhausted after coming home from my full time job to write this article about our glam photo shoot last night. I just want to capture the memories before they fade.

It's not unusual at the indie end of the film industry for people to work volunteer, after hours, on projects. It's the love of the art that drives us, and somewhere in the back of our minds is the dream of one day making it and being able to do this as a job. I'm glad that I kept a diary to document this photo shoot so that we can all look back and re live this amazing event.

Melanie Kuhn getting ready

5:04 PM - Mon 22 January 2022

I'm on the tram, straight after work heading to the city.

Today's the big day for the OFFoHM photoshoot. After a couple of weeks of planning

and constant contact with our dark divas of horror, we're about to find out if it will all pay off, or descend into pure chaos. Normally, a month or two goes into the preproduction work for a shoot of this size, but seeing as OFFoHM was only born two weeks before Feb, we are on the backfoot.

I decided that it was worth a shot because the talent involved is all of such a quality that our chances of pulling off an amazing shoot are high. I've taken a page out of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" -- "Place yourself on "death ground", where your back is against the wall and you have to fight like hell to get out alive." Now I am about to test this ancient wisdom.

Melanie Kuhn doing Anastasia's make up in the Treasury Gardens

5:45 PM

it's an hour and three quarters until the big shoot and I'm meeting with Melanie and Anastasia

at the Treasury gardens. Melanie has volunteered to help Anastasia with make up and

has brought along some lighting to help out the photographer. Melanie is an accomplished

photographer in her own right, as well as being experienced with wardrobe and make up on sets.

At the indie level, we often have to improvise and work around not having state of the art facilities and glamorous dressing rooms. The park is beautiful though and the weather is fine. Anastasia and Melanie's enthusiasm more than makes up for any lack of funds and facilities.

Grace Liu striking a pose for Stephen Pong

7:20 PM

Fearing that we were late, the 3 of us made our way up Flinders Lane as fast as possible, with Anastasia and Melanie hobbling away on high heels. We needn't have worried because Grace Liu was already in full swing being photographed by Stephen Pong. The looks on the faces of bystanders was priceless as Grace struck pose after pose in her Belly Dancer outfit.

Melanie Kuhn strikes a pose for Stephen Pong while Anastasia and Grace look on

7:30 - 10:00 PM

The photo session was now in full swing. Mel, Anastasia, and Grace each did individual

poses as well as group shots. There was a definite synergy between these ladies and they required very little in the way of direction. I felt it was best to just let them go rather than risk being trampled on with all their activity.

Soon afterwards, we were joined by Natasha , who came in full goth regalia, replete with horns.

For most of the shoot it was these 4 dark divas. I do have to wonder what evil lurks in the backs of their minds for such ideas for poses to come out.

Natasha Mace chats to Yorick

Later we were joined by Saara Lamberg, who certainly stood apart in a glittery, silver evening gown. This gave an interesting contrast when it came to group shots.

Saara and Grace looking very sparkly

Toward the end of the night, Helene Dunlop rocked up, just in time to get her set done, as well as one more lot of group photos. Helene came in costume, ready to go and roared into action with one pose after another. For awhile, it was like watching a super hero movie.

Helene Dunlop roars into action with one pose after another

10:15 PM

With the photo shoot finished and all equipment packed up, Mel, Anastasia, Natasha, Grace, Stephen and I all headed off towards Flinders St, feeling a bit tired yet exhilarated from having successfully completed an amazing session that we will all be able to look back on forever.

Natasha and Anastasia between shots.

All the pics here (aside from the proof shot) are happy snaps taken by the models, for this article. You will have to wait for the real deal. Our next big challenge will be to see if we make it onto the pages of a magazine, that will remain secret for now. Please wish us luck!

And one last pic of my big bald head, so that I can pretend that I actually did some work on set

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